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    Gosford’s caring and personal child care

    If you want a positive and caring environment in Gosford for your children to grow and develop, Earlybird Long Day Care Centre is privileged to welcome children from six weeks to six years old.

    Earlybird Long Day Care Centre works within the National Quality Framework to enable children to experience engaging play-based learning to build success for life. Children need quality child care and individual attention, which can influence their sense of belonging, being and becoming.

    Caring and professional staff

    As part of our personal child care services, we encourage your children to be confident learners through exciting and playful discovery. Our staff attend many in-service child care training courses and workshops to ensure we stay up-to-date with any industry changes.


    Belonging - Being and becoming is the basis for living a fulfilling life where children feel they belong because of the relationships that they have with their family, community, culture and place.

    Being - Childhood is a special time in life, and children need time to just be themselves, play, try new things and have fun living here and now.

    Becoming - Through learning and development children form a sense of identity from an early age, which shapes the type of adult that they will become.

    Child care programs

    Our child care programs in Gosford enables children to stimulate their minds and bodies through a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. As highly qualified and caring educators, we work in a warm and nurturing environment to encourage the development of the whole child. We teach:

    • Pre-reading and pre-writing skills
    • Learning through discovery
    • Arts and crafts
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Visual arts
    • Kindergarten readiness
    • Multicultural programs
    • Play-based curriculum
    • Development curriculum
    • Environment awareness
    • Gardening experiences
    • Hygiene
    • Music play
    • Positive interactions and skills between children
    • EYLF National Framework

    Earlybird Long Day Care Centre in Gosford West guides children to develop independence and expand their interests through stimulating child care. We have outside play areas to keep your child active and flexible inside spaces for craft activities and hands-on learning experiences. Come and visit us in Gosford today to see how your child can benefit from our safe, secure and caring environment.

    Our philosophy

    We are passionate about promoting our child care philosophy of mutual respect, consideration, and support. Earlybird Long Day Care Centre will create a learning program enabling your child to socialise, play, and learn, building on your child’s interests and abilities whilst keeping you in touch with your child’s progress. Working within the Early Years Learning Framework, our educators will work closely with you in order to get to know your child well.  

    Through the Framework’s five learning goals educators will assist your child to develop:

    • A strong sense of their identity with confidence in themselves and forming friendships.
    • Connections with their world learning to respect the environment and cultural diversity.
    • A strong sense of wellbeing, socially, emotionally and physically.
    • Confidence and involvement to explore, create and experiment in their learning
    • Effective communication skills by using literacy and numeracy to communicate.

    You'll find that our child care centre in Gosford is an enjoyable place for your child to spend time. If you would like to arrange a personal visit, get in touch today. We would be delighted to show you around.

    Call us today on 02 4323 6566 to arrange a consultation at our caring child care centre!

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